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MD Services Sarl is a company incorporated in the Democratic Republic of Congo with its primary objective being outsourcing. With over 15 years of experience, MD is specialized in human resources and is responsible for:


Our recruitment process is in accordance with job offers and meet the needs of partners.

We hire :

  • Daily workers/True temp
  • Temp-to- hire
  • Permenant, Temporary contract, bound to the work local personnel
  • International personnel (including all employment formalities and arrival in DR Congo)

 Training of staff;

  • We offer permanent training and retraining to all employees, either internally or externally.
  • We provide capacity building opportunities to employees, with a focus on knowledge and skills’ transfer.

 Employment contracts and their termination or terms;

  • We grant employment contracts in accordance with the job offers. We manage emoployees, from the recruitment process to the termination of the contract

 Supervising and coordination of activities;

We provide permanent supervision of personel provided to the partner and assist the partner in the evaluation of employees’ efficiency. Moreover, we supervise employees’ daily assignments

 Payroll and compensation;

We help and provide the following services:

  • Wages calculation and other benefits
  • Pre-financing of the salary
  •  Employees’ salary payment through MD Services
  • Wire transfer
  • Refund of payment upfront payments

 Supports of various taxes & Contributions of social institutions

  • We help and provide the following services:
  • Tax return and payment to the goverrnment
  • Income  and international personel taxes)
  • National insurance contribution
  • Union dues

 Disciplinary Records

  • Application of sanctions in accordance with the congolese legislation
  • Monitoring of disciplinary cases
  • History of disciplinary sanctions


  • Health Insurance

 Prevention and resolution  if any and  labour disputes

  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts
  •  Social dialogue guaranteed by union activities
  • Exchanges monitored with the labour inspection office

 Occupational hazards

        Security is our priority in order to manage and prevent work hazards

  •  Adequate work conditions
  •  Appropriate job equipments
  •  Permanent sensitization

Security services

Besides outsourcing, we offer our expertise and vast knowledge policy, economic, social of the business climate in the DRC with an advisory and support service of facilitation to multinational corporations, governments and individuals wishing to operate in the DRC in the following sectors:

  •  Mining
  •  Breeding
  •  Agriculture
  •  Road transport, aircraft and related industry
  •  Water and Forestry
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Construction
  •  Tourism and Hospitality.
  •  Expertise and labour industry 
  •  Supply of mining equipment and consumables industry
  • The DRC according to the World Bank has the potential to the richest country in Africa with untapped agricultural resources, including a huge potential in the mining of the following minerals: coltan, cobalt, zinc, copper, gold, magnesium, diamond e.t.c

MD helps in the finding credible local partners; because this is the single most important factor in having successful commercial dealings in the DRC.

MD provides a bridge over the morass of business challenges encountered in the DRC and safely guide entities to a seamless integration of a company to operate in a difficult and regulatory environment that has immense bureaucracy.

The company provides not only an opportunity for the enterprises to operate in the country, but also provides a database of skilled and unskilled people.

Currently, we accompany Kibali Gold Mining in Eastern Province since its genesis in different branches of business and also assist Group Five in its supply chain. These companies among many others can attest over the credibility, integrity consistency of our work and the reliability of our Services.


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    The DRC Mining Week is organized by Spintelligent, one of the main organizers of exhibitions and conferences on the continent. The organization is headquartered in CapTown and specializes in infrastructure, real estate, energy, mining, agriculture and education. The DRC Mining Week Expo Conference, takes place from 21st June to the 22nd June 2017 at Lubumbashi, Democractic Republic Of Congo.

Our Company

MDS Offers various services in the fields of labour outsourcing and recruitment.

The company is well known for the high quality service it offers its various partners operating within Congo DRC.


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